Danasan Eco Adventure Park: 8 Fun Things a First Time Excursionist Can Do

Who wouldn’t want to get away from the daily city grind and just explore the outdoors?

Well, there at Danasan Eco Adventure Park they offer a wide array of Eco-friendly activities that will quench your thirst for adrenaline and discover your inner adventurer. Question is, are you ready?
1004476_10201065044661111_2062468730_nA day’s trip will never be enough for an adventurer like me, but, here’s some fun things a first timer can do:

* jaw dropping and thrill ride

GPS location

GPS location

Located in Barangay Danasan (thus the name Danasan Eco Adventure Park), we literally traveled through mountains just to reach the park. From Danao fish port, we’ve traveled approximately 26 kilometers but it all paid off when we got to experience the view while traveling.

Even along the way, we can already say that it was really an adventure. Imagine traveling to places where you can say that you really are close to nature. As we’ve traveled along the mountains of Danao, Cebu, we can already see the overlooking view from inside the car and we can literally see the city from those cliffs that we’ve passed.

our ride

our ride

The best part of this ride was going home. When we were on our way back to the city, our van got stuck on the side of the cliff and if it wasn’t because of the railings, we might have fell on that cliff.

* be one with the wilderness

While some adventurers explore the wilderness just because of plain curiosity and to feed the wanderlust inside them, me on the other hand, feel nostalgic every time I’m out in the open. At some point, I even do soul searching. Cliche right?

But, whatever reasons we have, it still feels so good to be one with nature.

on the way to the cave

on the way to the cave

Anyway, we endured quite a few minutes of trekking before we got to the spot of our first activity.

Tip: Just a friendly reminder though, you might wanna bring two liters of water with you. You’ll regret it if you don’t.

* spelunking

As someone who have a very strict parents (those kind that would never let me do this), advanced wet caving was actually my very first adventure. Spelunking is another term for caving.

cave's entrance

cave’s entrance

Danasan Eco Adventure Park has 3 caves to explore. Since my co-adventurers were feeling like a pro, we took the advanced wet caving. We were each given our gears — life vest and helmet with torch — and headed to the opening of the cave.

inside the cave

inside the cave

The cave’s entrance was filled with water which happens to be 5 or 6 feet deep. So in order for us to get inside, we have to hold on to this rope and glide our way inside. The excursion was the toughest moment of my life. I had to endure duck walking, crawling, swimming like a dog, and rolling just to proceed with the course. Since, I am an asthmatic adventurer, I was almost out of breath and my only consolation was I got to enjoy and appreciate the different rock formations inside the cave and got to the end of it where a mini waterfall was waiting for us.

waterfalls inside the cave

waterfalls inside the cave

Tip: To prepare for this, you might want to exercise more and focus on your cardio to avoid the shortness of breath.

* belly bloating food

To be able to last a whole day, an adventurer should not only feed their wanderlust but their stomach as well. The park offers a wide variety of delicious meals and dessert.

After enduring one-hell-of-a tough adventure, who wouldn’t want the company of food?

lunch time!

lunch time!

Well, we fed our bellies enough (if enough means having 2 cups of rice) to get us through the day and for the next adventures we were about to take.

* fly like superman

while waiting for our turn (wake boarding)

while waiting for our turn (wake boarding)

I’m kidding, the above should be learning how to wake board.

As our group was feeling like a pro again, with proper gear, we then took the advanced wake boarding course and our group was given a good two hours to enjoy it in one of the park’s man-made lakes.

Before trying this sport, I kind of felt jealous of those that knew how to do this and so I wanted to learn. Now that I’ve got the chance, it was a tough thing to do. I really had a rough time with this one.

On my first try, I sort of sank in the water because I don’t know how to position the board and I don’t even know how to position myself. Lame! Eventually, I learned, but not enough to get me to the other end of the lake. When I was almost halfway through, I was tossed out of the board and had lost grip of the rope. I kinda panicked but then I realized that I knew how to swim. So, I swam to grab the board, then the rope and I was like superman when I went back to the starting point. Mind you, I had swallowed a lot of water.

wake boarding

wake boarding

Tip: If you’re not a good swimmer and you’re not that confident enough to try the advance course, try to convince your group to try the beginner’s course instead. You might end up like my guy companion who only tried this sport once because he sank.

* muddy ATV ride

ATV stands for All-Terrain Vehicle which is also known as a quad bike.

I’ve always admired the ATV ride because of the kind of thrilling experience that it gives to its riders. I have always dreamt on driving one but when I saw this kid who lost control of his bike, I hesitated because I remembered that time when I had a motorcycle accident. My companions kept on encouraging me to at least try it and just drive it slowly, so I decided to just give it a try.

ATV Ride

ATV Ride

I’m glad I didn’t give in to my fear because if I did, I would’ve missed the nice muddy experience. The route was pretty good and was challenging enough. My companions were even stuck on a pool of mud and we were even full of mud ourselves which makes it a pretty memorable experience.

* simply enjoy the view

the excursionists

the excursionists

dead tired from spelunking

If you’re the type of person who’s not yet ready to unleash their inner adventurer, you can just sit around and enjoy the view that the park can offer. Take pictures. Stroll. Whatever you like. After all, the park leverages on nature’s magnificent and splendid appearance.

* awesome ride to the sites

Of course, it will not be a complete adventure without the awesome and one-of-a-kind ride to each of the park’s sites (caving, zip line, wake boarding, etc.).

the (sort of) military truck

the (sort of) military truck

I nicknamed this the military truck. Imagining myself as a soldier who is about to be deployed in a war which happens to be a war to bring out one’s adventurous side.

our souvenir - key chain

our souvenir – key chain

Allow Danasan Eco Adventure Park to help you conquer your fear aided by the several exciting adventures they have planned for you. Let go of all your anxieties and pack your bags. Let the adventure begin!



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