Review : I am Number Four – The Fall of Five

I just finished reading the 4th installment of this series last September 11, 2013 along with the lost files and I want more. I just can’t get over the fact that Eight died and Ella being Ra’s heir.

So if Ella is the daughter of Erina and Raylan (according to Crayton’s last letter to Ella) — and Raylan is Setrakus Ra — that means Ra is a Loric. Well, that explains all the powers that he has during their battle at Dulce Base. Sort of like he’s taking revenge on the Lorics for having him kicked out of the supposed to be 10 Elders after the war. And the leaders of the Mogadorians just adopted him because of his powers (and we don’t know maybe Ra (at that time Raylan promised that he will give Lorien to the Mogs once they make him their leader)). Hahaha! Well, I don’t really know but that is what I thought of.

Anyway, I hate Five for killing Eight though Nine also contributed on Eight’s death. I guess the prophecy carved on that Indian cave really came true! But I don’t like it! I hope Marina’s new Legacy (that icy thingy) can bring him back to life since his (Eight) body was accidentally caged in ice due to Marina’s rage.

I hope Five gets to realize that his true battle is against the Mogs and he’ll be reunited with the other remaining Gardes and break Ra’s vision of the future. Coz I think the Mogs really don’t care of him, just like how they had outcast Adam (the General’s son) when he tried to save Three. I think they were only using him (Five) as their weapon against the Gardes. And if Five will rejoin the Gardes, they’ll definitely stand a chance in this intergalactic war since he was trained by the Mogs and for sure he knows their fighting style. Who knows, maybe they’ll win this thing.

There were also some few things that I loved on this book. One is how Sarah Hart (Four’s human girlfriend) grew to be a fighter. I mean she was engaged on two battles in this book and I can say that she was a ruthless (not really ruthless as in ruthless, maybe just fierce) fighter. I also love her performance on the game that they played prior to the Everglades mission (rescuing Five’s chest). But the most epic of all her fights (for me it’s the most epic) was when the Pent House was attacked by the Mogs and the only people left (not counting Ella and Four who were asleep at that time due to Ella’s nightmare) was them (humans), she really fought hard until her last bullet. But if she haven’t screamed when she ran out of ammo, the Mogs wouldn’t have gotten Ella.

I wish Sam could also show that kind of fight instead of having thoughts of what Ra said to him when he was still held captive. And I hope Six can really figure out what she really feels about Sam, coz I hate it when they’re sort of like flirting with each other and she’s somewhat confused of her feelings between Sam and Four.

So, when is the release of the next book? I’m not quite excited am I? OMG!! If only you knew or if only there are other words on how to describe this series coz for me superb would be an understatement. I hope you guys get to release a lost file in Setrakus Ra’s perspective this time, coz this guy is really so freakin’ mysterious. I wanna find out if he really is Raylan coz if he’s not, then how come Ella is his heir? So he’s gotta be Raylan coz there’s no way a dead Crayton would lie to his beloved Ella, especially if those were his last words.

I can’t wait to read more from this series. I’m dying to know what’ll happen to Sarah and Four as well as with Six and Sam when this intergalactic war end or if they will win. If they can really return and restore Lorien. If they can, how I wish Four really is Pittacus Lore reincarnated and their 3 human allies (Sarah, Sam and Malcolm) will become the first Cepans of the new Lorien. Or just be like Green Lantern (hahaha), a hero who got his powers from a resident of another planet but still resides on Earth. Or maybe they will tie up with the US government to maintain peace and order on Earth.

Any ending as long as nobody else gets killed (except maybe for Ra) and Eight gets to live again. Or maybe you can spare Ra’s life and he’ll live but now a renowned man all because of his daughter.

Way to go authors! All hail Lorien and the Gardes! Hahahah



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