Best Western Cebu Sand Bar Resort: Escape from City Life

Have you ever felt that feeling where you are tired of the every day buzz of the city life and just wanted to escape it for just a day or two? I feel that every time I am struggling with the daily traffic and stressful office life.

Best Western Cebu Sand Bar Resort is situated away from the busiest streets of Cordova, it is located in Brgy. Alegria, Cordova. That feeling where you just wanted to escape into a serene and secluded place and just relax, I found that here in this resort. Here you can enjoy the scenic view of the beach at the same time relax and take a plunge in their swimming pool.

I’ve listed a few ways to enjoy the stay here.



The best way to get a tan. You have two options on doing sun-bathing here at their resort; either you lay down your towels or blankets on the grass or you can do it the sossy way, which is laying down on the sun-bathing chairs beside the pool.

1451576_574380705966853_1001068182_nRun Around and Be Goofy

Given the vast space, you can actually have fun and games in the resort, probably do your own version of the amazing race. It’s time to be wild and free.

IMG_1404Book Reading with Sea View

If you are a huge book bug, like me, I think you might enjoy reading while sitting on this cocoon-like chair where you are joined with the beautiful sea view, which adds to the mood if you are reading a love story. You can feel the breeze brushing your hair, how cool is that?


I’m not talking about your cozy sleep in your room here. You can actually sleep and not be afraid of feeling the pain of the sun’s heat in this oval-shaped nest.


While you can also use this for sleeping and/or sun-bathing, for me, the best way to use this is when doing star-gazing.
Being out in the open and being able to see the stars at night in a cozy way and not having to lay the blankets on the grass and feel itchy is just heaven.

1455876_10202033345668031_1006870176_nThe Pool as your Playground

You are free to use the pool as long as you adhere to their rules. Think of the many games you wanna play and use the pool as your playground. Plus, the fact that their pool is not so deep and they have a pool slide adds to the fun.

Luscious Feast

Of course, who would want to forget the food? They offer a wide variety of delicious and healthy foods in buffet style. Two options for dining, either inside the air-conditioned dining hall or outside where you get to enjoy the view of the pool and just ran around while eating.

Oh, did I forget to mention the free WiFi? I know everybody (including me) can’t live without it.

That was so far how I had enjoyed my day tour at Best Western Cebu Sand Bar. Just a tip though, if you’re traveling without a personal car, you might wanna book a cab through GrabTaxi because the resort is really far from the main street, in our case, we’ve hailed a local jeepney to drive us there and had him pick us up at 6:30pm.

The resort is best for team buildings, family gatherings, debut party, birthday party or even a wedding ceremony. For questions or accommodations, you may call +63 32 238 4217.



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