Rockwalled Beach Resort: Owning The Place

My family and relatives, especially my cousins, crave for adventure and out of town trips, so to celebrate my grandfather’s 80th birthday, we decided to embark on a three days getaway. We’ve spent almost a year on scouting for the perfect place to hold the celebration, and just a few weeks before the big day, we finally found it. The gathering was held somewhere in Coro, Dalaguete (some may spell it as Dalaguet) in a resort where it is located at the edge of a cliff and a neighbor to Dakong Bato Beach Resort, the Rockwalled Beach Resort.
1926630_10202548547547756_1452731944_nWell, given the inexpensive accommodation and limited adventure, we really did not expect we could have fun with the place. Then again, I guess we really had underestimated the place. We’ve had loads of fun and the older folks loved it too as much as we did.

Here are a few reasons why we loved them.


Having to go through the every day grind of life, who doesn’t need an ounce of privacy?

11694862_444601349043287_3840640973662805168_nWhat we really appreciated in Rockwalled was their sense of privacy spiced up with a breath-taking sea view at your own balcony where families can have the option to dine together at night, under the shinning stars. I guess this is also the main reason why the older ones liked this place.

Function Hall
1959634_10202548564508180_1945208214_nThe main ingredient we’ve been looking for while we were scouting.
1506811_10202548555387952_1403160665_nThe space was good enough to run around, play games, do karaoke and at the same time cater to eight big families.

Cold Spring
11225731_444601369043285_8334212703670556021_nYou actually have two options on where to take a plunge, but, I suggest you do a night swimming in their own version of a pool. The water from the pool came from a nearby cold spring or “tubod” and when it’s high tide, the seawater will blend with the water coming from the cold spring, making your swim a pretty relaxing one to the point of shivering. 11665579_444601382376617_595412688854417444_nGazebo
IMG_0532Well, I guess for them cottages are way too mainstream, so they have these gazebos instead.
1508175_10202548432544881_181532486_nIn the morning, families gathered here to chill, have endless chats, grill and dine, take pictures and just simply enjoy nature’s gift without even wondering why some of us skipped the morning meal. I’ll spill the beans. The night before, my cousins and I huddled here to enjoy a night with Mr. Jack Daniels and his partner-in-crime — Bacardi Black. To cut the story short, Josh (my male cousin) puked on himself and was too wasted that we had to end our version of a party and sneak him inside our room.

1653706_10202548649750311_2145246250_nWhile you can have the option to hold the meal here, like they did on their first night, this is not the reason why I included the balcony here.
1911655_10202548642270124_1189968414_nGiven that you have the perfect picturesque view, with no obstacles and all, I am always amazed to see my favorite color here; and by that I mean the sunset and the sunrise and even the view of the moon above the sea.

Garden – like Terrace

Who doesn’t want to enjoy tea time?
1798200_10202548656190472_1585531603_nYou can always do that funny little chitchats over a cup of coffee or tea here while enjoying a full movie screening of the stars, and yes, I mean star gazing.

1891198_10202548622549631_1488202648_nYes, with a question mark!
1618462_10202547804569182_2139993980_nIt was like doing the Danasan spelunking all over again, only this time we didn’t have to do the extremes (crawling, duck walking, etc.). Despite the easy peasy “adventure”, we didn’t get to finish the course because an uncle had to pull us out, probably afraid that we were going by ourselves and might encounter some sea snakes. Then, I had one of my pretty remarkable heart-stopping moment; my sister tripped WITH MY IPHONE and her arm landed on the water, good thing she had quick reflexes. So just a little tip, be careful and watch your steps.


the kiddos and a kid at heart

the kiddos and a kid at heart

We wouldn’t dare miss this one! It’s like one of the vital element on our adventure and we just love to be in the middle of the sea.

the adolescents

the adolescents

We’ve rented two fishermen boats and had a ride for three trips and for an unlimited time. Note that the boating wasn’t part of the package, but, the resort owner was the one who contacted the two fishermen, so basically, we have to credit them too.

the older ones :D

the older ones 😀

Sometimes, we are all too busy with our daily grind that we forgot to bond with the people around us, and all we really needed was a good break to strengthen those bond.

goofin' around near the gazebo

goofin’ around near the gazebo

In Rockwalled Beach Resort, we were able to reconnect with our families and relatives and dominated the place like we owned it. Thank you for such wonderful accommodation and (to the owners) for joining us on my grandfather’s party.

For more details, you may contact this number (032) 484 8432 and look for Mrs. Mila Llanos or Mr. Archie Dibdib.


April 2015

Stayed here for the routine holy week getaway, and there were some renovations done in the resort for better accommodation and these are:

Mini Gym

I’m not quite sure if this was new, but, I think it is, though I haven’t really got inside because I had only noticed it when we were about to leave.

Additional Gazebo

Probably because of the past storms that hit the Philippines, most especially in Central Visayas, they had renovated their gazebos and added a new one.



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