Review: I am Number Four – The Revenge of Seven (Book)

OMG! Like oh my effin gosh! Did this installment just ended with Sam having a telekinesis legacy? I mean, how cool’s that? How I wish Sarah Hart had one too.

I got hooked with this book to the point that I only read it for like (closer than) 24 hours with me only being able to sleep for like 4-5 hours. Although this installment for me is not really that action packed coz it somehow focused on each of the Gardes but I still liked, no, loved it! This book showed me a different side of Nine and Five and maybe Ella too. I was torn apart during that one-way conversation between Five and Eight’s lifeless body with the rest of the Gardes lurking invisibly. For a moment, I felt pity on him and since then it was his (sort of) call to start disobeying Setrakus Ra’s orders.

This installment also showed me a different side of Nine. We used to know him as this sort of a hardheaded boy who ruthlessly kills mogs and used to ran his mouth all the time which BTW got Eight killed. However, in this book, he changed into a more self-controlled Nine and I liked it when he teases Sam and Six or even Four and Sarah’s “sexy mission” with her ex-bf. HAHA. Anywho, let’s talk about Adamus “Adam” Sutekh. He’s so cool right? I know he is! I mean he’s so confident with all the techy Mog stuff or even not the stuff related to the mogs. Though behind his coolness, I pitied him for having to kill his own father who BTW was not proud of him (I know that feeling), so it was better that way.

My heart also breaks during those scenes in the Sanctuary most especially when Eight was awoken. It was a very touching scene not only for Marina but for Six and Adam as well. I know Adam didn’t know much about Eight but the fact that he witnessed the heartfelt scene between Marina and Eight was enough to make him teary eyed. And hey Six! Guess you and Sam aren’t star-crossed lovers anymore. Woopidoo!

And for Ella, my dear sweet little Ella, I think she’s much more easier to control than Five coz she’s young and fragile (I guess history repeats itself but this time not with Five but with Ella) plus aside from the fact that she’s Ra’s granddaughter, they also injected her with that black thingy which BTW healed her wounds (and who knows what else it can do). I think that somehow was controlling her deep inside to abide Setrakus Ra. And girl, the fight scene between Five and Ra in the Anubis, the whole time I was yelling in my head that Ella will inflict herself a wound. I figured that maybe the wound will somehow be inflicted to Ra instead coz that was what happened when Five managed to cast a wound to Ra and got inflicted to Ella instead. Like Rumplestiltskin of Once Upon A Time always says, “Every magic has its loopholes”, but in this case we’re not talking about magic, we’re talking about charms. Well I guess (and hope) that the same principle will apply.

Lastly, based on my last review (on the Fall Of Five), I had a few predictions that came out to be right or somewhat right on this new installment. I once said that how I wish Eight will be alive, though it was just a short one, he was still alive. I also said that how I wish Sam will have the courage to fight back to the mogs and guess what? he’s got his first – and I’m hoping it won’t be the only one – legacy now. Then, I also said that how I wish Five will be united with them which turned out to have a spark of hope in this installment. Though it was a little too late before he joined forces with the remaining Gardes, at least he finally got to his senses, too bad it costs Eight’s life to make it happen. The last one, I sort of presume that Ella is related to Ra wherein I thought that he was Ella’s father. I was right of him being related to her but he was Ella’s grandfather instead, not his father. Well thanks to the author for granting my (sort of) predictions haha so lame of me.

It is hard for me to predict what’s gonna happen on the next book, which I’m pretty sure there will be next one coz if you haven’t noticed the ending of this installment was pretty much a cliff hanger. Isn’t it? All I can say is that maybe those who  sided with the Gardes – the list includes Malcolm, Agent Walker, Mark and Sarah – will probably have their own legacy like how Sam got his, but, probably it will only be the younger ones (Mark and Sarah). There are exactly three of them – Mark, Sam and Sarah – an exact replacement to the fallen Gardes.

And hey one last shot! My prediction of them being able to stay on Earth somehow had hope coz according to that entity on Eight’s body, (which I assume is the spirit of Lorien based on what I’ve understood) Lorien can be anywhere. So to those Four&Sarah and also Sam&Six shippers out there, you can sleep soundly coz they won’t be star-crossed lovers anymore.

revenge of seven

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