Review: If I Stay (Book)

This book is definitely heartbreaking! My eyes were cloudy due to tears as I was reading this book. I can’t imagine losing everything in just one day.

Though this book is a bit tricky coz not only did it relay Mia’s accident and what she went through, it also relays her previous experiences – one that truly made a mark on her. There was even a scene here were Adam said he doesn’t want to get in the way of Mia’s success, I meant her acceptance in Julliard, I sort of remembered Glee’s FinChel (Cory Monteith and Lea Michelle’s characters) which also ended up pretty badly. And again it sends me to tears.

I honestly root for Adam here coz it seems like apart from Mia, he’s the sole person who had suffered from such emotional trauma. Imagine almost losing your girlfriend. Darn! Adam’s words “please Mia don’t make me write a song” sends teardrops falling from my already teary eyes. Plus those words he said about he’ll do everything for Mia if she stays blah blah. He was very much willing to quit the band or even go to New York with her. Such love! He was also willing to sacrifice being away from her if she stays. These words really struck me, “I can lose you like that if I don’t lose you today. I’ll let you go. If you stay.”

September 4th I learned that this book already released their film adaptation, but, I opted not to watch it first coz I haven’t read the book yet and ever since I can remember it has been my principle to read the book first before hitting the cinemas to watch the film adaptation. I cried the whole time I was reading the book, how much more when I’ll watch the movie.

I salute you Gayle Forman for such craft.

if i stay

My IG post before I read the book

My IG post after I had finished reading the book

My IG post after I had finished reading the book



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