Serendipity did happen : Exploring the unexpected

As a second anniversary treat to everyone, we’ve decided to hitch a trip to Guadalupe, Carcar City, Cebu last Sunday, April 19, 2015, with my best friend. The destination, as to what my best friend said when she invited me, was Mainit Falls. At first I was shocked when I learned where the destination was, coz I thought that Mainit Falls is somewhere in Malabuyoc, Cebu. Doubtful, I did my research and learned that it was actually Mainit Spring and not Mainit Falls and it was in fact in Guadalupe, Carcar City.

I was excited on this trip for many reasons, one of those is because I knew this would be my anniversary article; the other is because I was with my boyfriend and since then, traveling together was one of our relationship goals. Plus, I was also with my other best friend, and since my other best friend couldn’t make it because she was pregnant so it was just the two of us.

Turns out, the place is nowhere near a spring or a falls and it was actually called “Guadalupe Mainit Mabugnao National Park” and here’s the ringer, it is also nowhere near a park. Thus, this trip was a total misadventure.

Getting there…

Let’s forget about the part where I told you that this was a complete misadventure and carry on with the details.

Our assembly time was at 5 o’clock in the morning because my companions wanted to spend a whole day at the destination.

We arrived at the South Bus Terminal a few minutes later than 5AM but since my best friend wasn’t there yet, my boyfriend and I decided to go to the nearest 7/11 store to grab Cheesy Beef Sandwich for breakfast and just ate it inside the bus. We rode a mini bus, which costs us only Php 50, and took off almost at 5:30AM. It was basically a two hours ride as we arrived at almost 7:30AM.

Tip: If you don’t have any idea where you’re going to stop, just make sure to tell the ticketing guy or the conductor to drop you off at Mainit Spring Guadalupe Carcar or you can tell the driver yourself. Just make sure you tell them once you already entered Carcar City coz there might be a tendency that they’ll forget. Once you already entered Brgy. Guadalupe, watch out for the sign that says “JCT Mainit Spring” it is on the right side of the road.If you see it, just tell the ticketing guy or the driver to stop.

The place is a 1.5km trek from the drop off area, but, don’t fret, you can always hire a local motorcycle driver or a habal-habal driver to take you to the very entrance of the park, which will only cost you Php 15.

Mainit Mabugnao National Park






the road

The road to the very entrance was safe enough compared to the road to Tumalog Falls. The road was cemented, though there were also some parts that wasn’t and when we asked the habal-habal driver about that, he said that it was because of the movement of the ground that caused the damage on the road.

When we reached the very entrance of the national park, we were kind of disappointed when we saw that there were a lot of local folks heading there just to do their laundry. We paid an entrance fee of Php 10 and rented one of their two cottages which costs us Php 100.

their so-called SPRING

their so-called SPRING

When we got there, we immediately searched for the said falls and the spring that my companions saw on a certain newspaper and on Google. What we saw was way far from our expectation. It was like a dried stream and there was no falls nor spring. The place was more like a dam than a spring.

desserted pool

abandoned pool

They also have this abandoned elevated pool. The story behind the pool was that the pipe line where in the water from the source flows towards the pool was broken due to flooding. The Mainit Spring was also gone due to natural disaster thus, leaving the Mabugnao only.

What I hated…

Honestly, the place was a total disappointment. We were actually the first tourists to arrive at the place. A lot of tourists came in after us and I bet they also have the same feeling that we had when we got there.


There was also this man who gave bathe to his carabao pet just a few meters from where we are going to plunge. Also, when we finally plunged in their so called “spring“, there were a lot of locals taking their bath in there and they were like scrubbing their bodies while in the water which made it kinda mushy and I also don’t like the show off locals continuously diving while some of the tourists were trying to enjoy the place.



The only good thing was that we availed one of their two cottages while the others only had tables and benches.


Lastly, I would highly suggest that they set up a specific time slot for locals to be able to use the place. In that way, tourists can somehow fully enjoy the place.

I hope they will renovate the place though coz if they will, I might come back and finally will be able to enjoy.

Anyway, I will make it up to you next week on another trip.

Again, Happy Second Anniversary to us!



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