The Mountains Are Calling!

I should’ve posted this as soon as we’ve wrapped the trip, but, sad to say, I had an asthma attack and I just felt a little better now.

Last April 26, I had my first ever mountaineering trip with my boyfriend and my little sister at Cebu’s highest peak, Osmeña Peak located at Dalaguete, Cebu. I was very excited on this trip, aside from it was our first mountaineering, it was also my sister’s birthday on the next day and a day before the trip was our fourth year anniversary as boyfriend and girlfriend. So, it was kinda like a double celebration.

Osmeña Peak

Osmeña Peak is one of the many mountains in Cebu that isn’t very hard to climb, even for beginners, like me, and it is also Cebu’s highest. Reaching the summit of course is one of the greatest reward after such a rough climb. The scenic and foggy view is just priceless. From the peak, you can see the Tañon Strait and along the way you can see a lot of vegetable crops grown by local farmers. Most of the vegetables I’ve seen were cabbage.

cabbage bed at the foot of the mountain

cabbage bed at the foot of the mountain

take a look at that fog

take a look at that fog

Honestly, I was really having a hard time going up the summit despite its easy climb because that time I was actually suffering from slight cough. To tell you frankly, I know I’ve said that the climb was just easy, what you don’t know is I had a very cozy (sarcastic) climb due to my asthma. My boyfriend was actually holding my hand and was like dragging me up so that we could reach the top.

Halfway up the climb, I made a quick stop and was trying to catch my breath. I was like having a marathon with the heavy breathing and my heart was pounding so fast that I couldn’t barely even hear it. I was very much worried because I thought I will faint at any moment and there were no medics plus the place was too far from a hospital or a clinic. So when my boyfriend told me I looked pale, that was it. I knew I was already having an asthma attack. I tried to compose myself, gulped almost half of my water supply and luckily we hired a guide, so all the things that I was carrying went to him.

While we were continuing on our trek, I thought maybe that day wasn’t the best time for the trip. Thankfully, we reached the summit without any further hassle (except for the slight asthma attack) and the view was just breath-taking. It was really worth the climb.

We got there earlier so we experienced the foggy and cold weather. It was kinda like our own Baguio. I was thankful enough that I was wearing a jeggings with short and a long sleeved shirt because it was cold enough. We also saw a lot of campers when we got there. I can’t even imagine the cold weather they had endured during the overnight camp at the peak.

two of the camper's tents near the peak behind me

two of the camper’s tents near the peak behind me

Mostly all of the tourists I saw there were also Filipinos and probably on their 20’s and most of them took turns in taking photos of the very beautiful view and of course that also includes us. After taking pictures, selfies or whatevs, we also had our lunch there while enjoying the view the place offered.

our view while having breakfast

our view while having breakfast

The hardest part of that trip was actually not the climb, but the motorcycle ride. We had to endure almost half an hour of a butt-numbing and scary-but-thrilling ride. Although there were some parts of the roads that were cemented, I just really get nervous whenever the motorcycle takes a curvy turn because I had a previous experience which relates to that wherein I brought home a scar on my lower leg.

Obong Spring

to the mouth of the sea

to the mouth of the sea

After our Osmeña Peak adventure, we decided to take a plunge at Obong Spring.

Our initial plan was to traverse to Kawasan Falls and will take a plunge there, but, when we’ve learned that it was a freakin’ 5 hours trek, we backed down and just decided to go to Obong Spring which was actually worth it.

The place was nothing like the ones we went on the past week.

(top view of the spring) those are the table and chairs for rent

(top view of the spring) those are the table and chairs for rent

Obong Spring was like the one that is in Rockwalled Beach Resort where the seawater and the spring met. It was actually the perfect place to plunge after such a tiring climb.

When your skin was being kissed by the hot summer sun, who wouldn’t want to dive in a cold and relaxing spring water? That is exactly what Obong Spring offers.

enjoying a cold cozy dip

enjoying a cold cozy dip

A lot of climbers also took solace in the place. There you can bask under the minimal heat of the sun.

In our spot, there’s this huge “dakit” tree and it really helped a lot on sheltering you under the summer heat. There were also some exhibitioners who climbed up its biggest branch and dived in the water.

the "dakit" tree

the “dakit” tree

My little sister, who is such a beach freak really enjoyed the place. She even asked us to rent this floaters locally known as the “salbabida” so that she can go to deeper spots.

Best thing about this place? They are really cheap; from the table and chair rental, floaters rental, and etc. They also have a bunch of food stands there if in case your meal isn’t good enough for the group.

with the adventurers and the baluarte as our background

with the adventurers and the baluarte as our background

This is just the plus side; when we were about to leave, I saw this ruins near the beach and it really looked like a watch tower or known locally as “baluarte”. I wasn’t sure because I’ve never heard of such a historic piece in Obong so I decided to take a picture with it.

We have below our expenses and itinerary if in case you want to go there.


Bus Fare – Php 190 each (two-way)

Osmeña Peak

Motorcycle Ride – Php 150 each ( from the bus drop off area to Osmeña Peak)

Guide – Php 100

Obong Spring

Motorcycle Ride – Php 170 each (from Osmeña Peak to Obong Spring)

Entrance Fee – Php 5 each

Table and Chairs – Php 100

Floaters – Php 30 (Medium sized)

Utility usage:

CR – Php 5

Taking a bath & changing clothes – Php 8

Changing clothes – Php 3


4:20AM                     Exact Time of Departure at Cebu South Bus Terminal

6:30AM                     Exact Time of Arrival at Dalaguete Joint

6:30AM – 7:00AM     (Estimated Time) Motorcycle ride to Osmeña Peak

7:00AM – 7:40AM     (Estimated Time) Climb to the peak

7:40AM – 10:00AM    Picture taking and lunch at the summit

10:00AM – 10:50AM  (Estimated Time) Motorcycle ride from Osmeña Peak to Obong Spring

10:50AM – 6:00PM     Obong Spring

6:15PM                       Exact Time of Departure at Obong Dalaguete

If I haven’t got that asthma attack, I’m pretty sure it would’ve been such an easy climb. I will definitely buy myself a camping tent and go back there at Osmeña Peak to experience an overnight stay at the mountains. This time, I will make sure I am well before I’ll go for another adventure because it really sucks to have that asthma attack and I was having the asthma roughly for three weeks.

For my next feature, I will try to visit MV Logos Hope – the ship library – while it is still in Cebu and I’m looking forward on that Mt. Manunggal and Mt. Mauyog climb.



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