22 Life Lessons That Dreamworks’ HOME Taught Us

I am not just a travel bug, I am also a huge movie buff. Whenever I am not traveling or got bored, I seek comfort in the movies. My latest obsession was Dreamworks’ Home featuring Rihanna as Tip’s voice and Jim Parsons as Oh.

Apart from the movie’s beautiful and heartwarming soundtracks, Home actually taught us a lot of valuable lessons that we humans should adhere and I’ve listed a few of them here.

Emergency Pack. In the first part of the film, we see the Boov race evacuating because they are running away from their so-called enemy, the Gorg. All of the other Boov species were only carrying a few stuff with them on their balloon-like suitcases, except for one special Boov, Oh (one of the main protagonist), he seemed to have brought his house with him. While it’s important to have packed your things beforehand, we must also bear in mind that we should only pack those essential stuff so as not to hassle the people we bumped along the way.

Provide Relocation. Nowadays, there are a lot of demolitions taking place in almost every corner of the town just to make way for the soon-to-be built tall buildings, elegant subdivisions or any other commercial infrastructures, but some contractors never provide relocation sites to the affected people. Well, the Boovs had provided one for the humans when they invaded Earth. I hope the contractors do too.

Being friendly and kind to others even if they don’t return the favor. This is probably gonna be one of the best qualities a person can have. Although that scene where Oh really exerted an effort on preparing for the housewarming party, wherein all of his so-called friends and neighbors agreed to attend, but no one came and avoided him was really heartbreaking, I personally think that we should learn from that. If someone shows us kindness, we should at least return the favor.

Love your pets. We’ve all heard a lot of viral stories about pets (especially dogs) saving their owner’s lives, the same sentiments goes to this movie. We should take care and love our pets like they’re part of the family because we never know they can be able to save us.

Think before you click. While this has been an age old lesson, I want to re-iterate this because nowadays, some people (especially teenagers) kept on posting stuff in social media without even knowing the meaning of what they have posted or shared. And yes, I am talking about the teenagers who joined the “rainbow flag” global trend. This not only applies in the social media, but also in the different messaging app and emails.

Face your problems. Running away is always not the answer to every problems we face or about to face. It is just a temporary answer. We should learn how to face our problems with conviction.

Conquer your fears. It does not only make you a strong person but a better one because we never know something great is waiting for us in the future and we could’ve never done it if we haven’t conquered our fear.

Be creative. Creativity sometimes saves us from harm and danger especially for struggling students. Resourcefulness is always associated with creativity. In the movie, Tip was never found by the Boov’s because of how creative her hideout was and they were also able to escape the Boov scouts if not because of the creativity and resourcefulness of Oh.

Unique passwords. I don’t think I have to elaborate more on this. Having unique passwords prevents hackers from hacking our private accounts and Oh just made that possible.

Be friendly even to an enemy. Tip and Oh’s friendship never started well given the circumstances but along the way they have learned to care for each other and eventually form a friendship. We can do that too.

Own up to your mistakes. Should I elaborate? We should not only admit to our mistakes but we should also fix them, if it still could be fixed.

Domination and underdogs. I am not always a fan of dominance and take note, underdogs always win. We should not let anyone hold power on us and I’m talking about the government here. If we notice something odd, we must stand up against it, but not to the point of hurting those who are in power.

Fulfilling a promise. While all of us are used to the saying, “promises are made to be broken”, and sad to say that we believed that. We gave in to that saying maybe because we haven’t met that person yet who would fulfill the promise they have given us. Well, Oh made that possible.

Never give up. This goes to every struggles we’ve encountered. If we have failed once or twice, this doesn’t mean that we don’t get to have any chance at success.

Family. Well, it is the basic unit of society. This movie taught us that family is always important and we strive so hard for them because we know that they will do the same thing too.

To care. For me, this is the most essential lesson that the movie has taught everyone else. Boov’s never cared for each other but Oh had changed that. There’s no harm in caring for another and showing that you actually care.

The villains are not always bad. Sometimes we think of the villains as the worst person we’ve ever met, but when we’ve actually got close to them or know them even more, we’ll know that the arguments or the wars we’ve been through were pointless and that we should learn to understand them and prepare to compromise.

Unity. We can always achieve the greater good if we have unity amongst us.

Friendship and Acceptance. It does not end in understanding and compromising with our enemy, we should also learn to accept them and it is never too late to forge friendship with them.

Never take someone else’ possession. This was the reason why the war between the Boov race and Gorg race ensued and basically is always the reason for some lame quarrels or arguments we and our friend’s have especially boyfriend-girlfriend-bestfriend relationship.

The best thing that they have taught us? We should learn how to party and celebrate for achieving even a slightest achievement.

And oh, did I tell you that Oh actually taught us that “FOREVER IS NOT ACCURATE”?

The most important message this movie wants to share with others is to never judge someone on what they are in general.



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