Wanderlust: A Love Affair with Two Municipalities


The whole clan by the pool slide

No one else loves a good out of town trip than the Ceballos’ young adults, so when we’ve learned that we are going on a trip to Alegria (south of Cebu) for a little thanksgiving celebration for my grandfather’s successful surgery, everyone was really ecstatic.



rooms (some of them)

The municipality of Alegria is a good 3-4 hours’ drive from our subdivision, which is located in Talisay City, so we had to leave house early by 8-ish in order for us to arrive exactly at lunch time; which we really did despite the traffic, McDonald’s drive thru and Shamrock stop over.

We had our reservations booked at Batong Malunhaw (Green Stone) Beach Resort, a resort which is ran by the Local Government Unit (LGU), and because we are actually a big family, we’ve occupied five of their family type rooms. Fronting Batong Malunhaw is a marine sanctuary, which is probably why the resort is ran by the LGU, and my cousins and I were all excited to see the sanctuary after our Sumilon Island experience with the underwater, at the same time try out the newly bought GoPro.

Function Hall (behind that kid)

Function Hall (behind that kid)

Batong Malunhaw is situated in a very strategic location; it is a good 15 minutes’ drive to Kawasan Falls of the nearby municipality, Badian; beside the resort is an old church with a creepy playground near its vicinity; the resort is also a few minutes’ drive to the famous Alegria Park where you can find one of the many ruins of the “baluarte” or a watch tower. The best part, Batong Malunhaw is also just a few minutes’ drive to the three main falls of the town; which brings me to our second destination in the town, Cambais Falls.

warm up jump off a falls

warm up jump off a falls

We just happened to find a portrait of Cambais Falls in the function hall of the resort where we stayed in, and because we have such great love for falls, we asked around and it brought us Cambais Falls which is about 15-20 minutes’ drive from the resort. I’m not really sure how many minutes we spent driving just to get to the falls, but, it was absolutely an astonishingly breath-taking drive and just when you thought you have already arrived to your destination, well think again. You have to actually endure a few minutes of trek to get to the falls, and in our case, we had to endure a muddy trek because it was raining the night before we went.


Ahh… my hometown.

This town is just right next to Alegria and Malabuyoc (as far as I know) only has one known tourist destination and that is the Mainit Springs.

by the signage

by the signage

As far as I can actually remember, it is our second time to be in this place and we loved the first time that we were here, so we decided to go back here and picked up where we left off – that is jumping off the highest waterfalls in the location. Sadly, we weren’t able to push through with our plan because it was raining and the trail was a bit slippery, so we just stayed cooped up in the hot springs and did picture takings.


I’ll be leaving you this first as I am still organizing my thoughts as to what I will write on the different destinations I’ve been to this weekend. Rest assured I will be posting them soon.



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