ALEGRIA: Wanderlovin’ and Familycation

12038054_1121979607829850_7505240329855231353_nFamily is what we consider as the center of our society, and so to keep our bond strong, we, The Ceballos’ often go on a FAMILYCATION (Family Vacation) and no one else loves a good out of town trip than us, so when we’ve learned that we are going on a trip to Alegria (south of Cebu) for a little thanksgiving celebration for my grandfather’s successful surgery, everyone was really ecstatic.

The municipality of Alegria is a good 3-4 hours’ drive from our subdivision, which is located in Talisay City, so we had to leave the house early by 8-ish in order for us to arrive exactly at lunch time; which we really did despite the traffic, McDonald’s drive thru and Shamrock stop over.

We had our reservations booked at Batong Malunhaw (Green Stone) Beach Resort, a resort which is ran by the Local Government Unit (LGU), and because we are actually a big family, we’ve occupied five of their family type rooms. Fronting Batong Malunhaw is a marine sanctuary, which is protected by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and probably why the resort is ran by the LGU, and my cousins and I were all excited to see the sanctuary after our Sumilon Island experience with the underwater, at the same time try out the newly bought GoPro.

12039778_10206599890108788_7476245777407134294_nAlthough the resort is public or ran by the government, their accommodation was never compromised. Batong Malunhaw is perfect for intimate family gatherings because of its sense of privacy. They also have a function hall were a big family can dine and even hold a huge banquet.

Below are a few of the highlights of our Batong Malunhaw experience:

11221823_1063724773652484_3408596326990361330_n*** Batong Malunhaw has an elevated pool which is upto 6ft deep and we happen to have a nephew who’s very much afraid of the water. Luckily, with the help of the shallow side of the pool and his floaters, we were able to help him cope up with his fear and before we left for an adventure to the mountains, he was already boasting to us that he can now swim, even if he was just actually walking while pretending to swim.

11219126_10206599887348719_8289597154787992778_nTheir pool is perfect for someone who really isn’t a beach person. Now, you might wonder why their pool water is a bit greenish, I know you will because we did too. We tried to put some logic on it, saying that maybe the tiles they used on their pool bed was colored green that’s why the reflection of the water is also a bit greenish. I know some of you might get discouraged to plunge into the pool, but, I tell you not to. Don’t get discouraged, in fact, you should try it because their pool water is from a “tubod” or a cold spring.

12036899_10206599835387420_3687984578159673616_n*** For an underwater loving person, you will surely love to do snorkeling and swim with a school of fish as fronting Batong Malunhaw is a marine sanctuary protected by the DENR. Just be sure to bring your own equipments and your GoPro to document the underwater.

12039407_10206599843787630_3672453205534082085_nSadly, we arrived on a low tide, so we had to take a walk to get to the deepest part where we can find the fishes and I tell you, corals can be gorgeous and all, but, when you tripped on them, you’ll surely earn some small cuts. I, myself earned seven; three on my left hand, two on my left soles, and one each on both of my ankles, but, it was nothing compared to the beauty we’ve seen underneath, not to mention the small octopus that we’ve caught.

11214039_1121978031163341_6109050058605753612_nWe’ve learned our lesson, so, on the next day, we dipped in the sandy part of the beach and did our usual swimming race and underwater picture taking.

12047097_10206599804026636_6815022316200792127_n*** The resort never runs out of their luscious green trees, my personal favorite is the tree by the beach called as the Terminalia Catappa dubbed as the Umbrella Tree, commonly known as the “Talisay Tree” amongst the Cebuanos.

12039373_10206599787626226_1107342903909136183_nAt night, we, the younger ones, had our small chitchats and movie session under the umbrella tree and when the sun comes up, the older ones, had their pre-breakfast session there too and accompanied by their catching up talks.

11990431_10206599799866532_3600278348331395403_nPlus, you can also set camp at the resort and have your morning pet walk around the vast area.

12072624_10206599829907283_8107336832613967963_nAside from enjoying what the resort can offer, like the beach, wifi, pool, and etc., if you’re not that outgoing type of person, you can just simply sit around by the umbrella tree and enjoy a good sunset or stay cozy in your air-conditioned room or maybe you can walk around the vicinity and check out some nearby places.

Batong Malunhaw is situated in a very strategic location; it is a good 15 minutes’ drive to Kawasan Falls of the nearby municipality, Badian; beside the resort is an old church with a creepy playground near its vicinity; the resort is also a few minutes’ drive to the famous Alegria Park where you can find one of the many ruins of the “baluarte” or a watch tower. The best part, Batong Malunhaw is also just a few minutes’ drive to the three main falls of the town; which brings me to our second destination in the town, Cambais Falls.



The resort is also perfect for photo shoots, wedding receptions and birthday celebrations.


Family Rooms: Php 1800 (each)

Function Hall: Php 5000


Entrance fee includes the use of life ring or floaters and you can bring your own food. No corkage fee.

Contact Information: +63 905 902 4632



2 thoughts on “ALEGRIA: Wanderlovin’ and Familycation

    • Hello Summer! Unfortunately, I have no formal picture of the room but the biggest room can fit upto 8 persons inside, you just need to add a mattress. I’m pretty sure the fee would be lesser if you will be using your tents since you will only be renting their space. They actually have 2 common cr and it’s just near the rooms. I hope this answers your question. Thanks for dropping by.

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