Getting there: Negros Oriental


      I spy Cebu while driving through Negros Oriental

Negros Oriental is facing Cebu to the east across Tañon Strait which means it is just within our reach and last Holy Week, I finally crossed this off my bucket list. First time (that I can remember) ever in my life that I get to set my foot on another island except Cebu, and no, Bantayan Island doesn’t count because it is just part of the province of Cebu.

Of course, I spent a couple of endless nights trying to mentally plan what to pack, what to do when we get there and most especially, how to get there. We had considered riding a bus from the terminal going to Dumaguete, but, we ended up driving a car to Liloan, Santander port and on board a car ferry.

We drove to Liloan, Santander port for more like three hours and got there just in time for the 9:30PM boat (barge) ride, however, we weren’t able to make it to the 9:30 ride because it was a first come first serve basis. The next and last trip was at 10:30PM, we waited for like an hour for the Maayo Shipping Lines’ car ferry or locally known as a “barge” to arrive and take us to our destination. Luckily, apart from what we’ve gotten used to, when you say 10:30, the barge really arrived at 10:30 and it takes only 30 minutes to get to Sibulan, Negros Oriental port. Yeah! I know it’s crazy how it only takes 30 minutes to travel to another island whilst it takes us more than an hour just to get to Cebu City.


Maayo Shipping Lines’ car ferry

There are actually three ways on how to get to Negros Oriental and it covers LAND, SEA and AIR.


  • From Cebu South Bus Terminal, find a bus that will take you to Dumaguete, a city in Negros Oriental, and it takes 2-4 hours drive to get to Lilo-an, Santander wharf. It will only cost you Php 200 or more if they will include the barge fare.


  • From Cebu South Bus Terminal, find a bus that will take you to Santander wharf — the fare will most likely be Php 100+ (excluding the boat fare) — and from there you can take a fast craft or a ferry boat that will take you to Sibulan, Negros Oriental wharf. The fare will most likely be the same as the car ferry passenger’s fare which is Php 70.


  • For those of you who likes cozy traveling, you can also ride a plane going to Negros Oriental which will land at Dumaguete airport.

If you have your own vehicle, drive up to the Lilo-an, Santander wharf and from there, ride a car ferry or barge. The payment for each vehicle is Php 1 086 only for a one-way trip, but, in our case we had availed a promo, so, we only paid Php 1 086 for a two-way trip and inclusive of a 2 pax passenger fare. Maayo Shipping Lines will charge each passenger Php 70 for the fare. Cheaper than we thought, right?

Unfortunately, since everyone was really hungry and exhausted from the long day that we had, we didn’t get the feels (yeah that’s what we call it now) when we arrived at the Sibulan, Negros Oriental wharf. However, when we boarded the car ferry going to Cebu, we finally got to appreciate the seawater near the port and felt like our hearts were captured by this province. We’ll definitely miss the less traffic scene.

Au revoir Negros Oriental!

Read more posts or reviews from my experience in Negros Oriental in the upcoming days. I will be posting these information:

Camlann Cottages – Where we stayed

Our itinerary:

Day 1 : The Forest Camp, Twin Lakes (Balinsasayao and Danao), Rizal Boulevard and its outskirts.

Day 2: Dolphin Watching, Manjuyod White Sand Bar and Bird Sanctuary & Mangrove Park

Day 3: Apo Island




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