Camlann Cottages and why you shouldn’t stay there

First of all, Happy 3rd Anniversary to us Cebu Travel Junkie’s!

Now, before we get lost in the wilderness, let me first take you to our humble abode for the entire trip.

Camlann Cottages

When you first hear of inns, lodges, bed & breakfast and the like, the first thing that comes up to your mind is it’s boring, well, Camlann is not. Backed up by its nature or environmental inspired cottages down to the Instagram-worthy pathway, you’re in for a cozy stay.

I can say that Camlann Cottages is the grandest place I’ve ever stayed in during a trip, with a rate of Php 1750 per 4 pax and an additional Php 300 for extra, you would think that the place is also cheap looking as the saying goes, “you’ll get what you paid for”. Well, the people in Negros might have a different view when it comes to that because we felt like we stayed in a five-star hotel.

As we got into the place, it seemed like it was our very own rest house. You see, each guests were given a key (or something more like an access card) — one key per cottage — to gain access to Camlann’s main gate so that you won’t be bothering anybody from the hostel, which is quite a nice approach.


We got there a few minutes before midnight and yet we were still personally welcomed by the owner of the place, which kind of made us felt like a VIP guest. Well, we all were really tired from our long day and hours of sitting in the car while driving and so we just wanted to settle in bed, but, when we got inside our cottage, it’s like all of the stress went away when we saw the interior. Like I’ve said, it’s like our very own rest house.

The Kitchen


Inside, we found a full-on kitchen, which means there were cooking facilities like a microwave, gas hob (with gas placed outside of the cottage), toaster, rice cooker, boiler kettle, cooking wares. We also have a big fridge (with two Silvanas on the house, yes it’s complementary!), kitchen utensils (spoons, forks, plates, glass and cups, and etc.), and a drinking water.

12801545_10207777082737868_9183010167272806230_nThere was also a kitchen counter where you can dine or just simply sit down and write for your next itinerary or write an entry to your blog.

The Living Room


The “sala”, as most of us call a living room, is just an extension of the kitchen. They have a large flat screen TV and a big sofa that is more than enough for a group of five.

lKiCemz849L_d3e76730b69707a847b20b6d046efce0The Bedrooms


Each cottage has two bedrooms with a queen-sized bed. They also have a clothing hanger and organizing shelves.

53708197The Bathroom

53708196They have cold and hot shower, whichever you prefer. They also have an individual safety box, four toothbrushes and a toothpaste. And the best thing, they also provide a hair dryer, which comes in handy when you take an evening bath and don’t want to go to sleep with a wet hair.


There is also a small patio where you can opt to dine in the evening and they also provide you with a space where you can hang your clothes to dry.

We picked Camlann Cottages amongst the many well-known resorts or inns because aside from it is very accessible to our desired destinations, we got attracted on the photos they have over the web, and I tell you, they will not disappoint you on that.

Camlann Cottages is located in Km 6 of Talay, Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental and can be accessible thru public transportation.

Oh, did I forget to tell you they have a free wifi? I know everyone will love that! 😉

Catch the deets on our itinerary on my next posts.

Our itinerary:

Day 1 : The Forest Camp, Twin Lakes (Balinsasayao and Danao), Rizal Boulevard and its outskirts.

Day 2: Dolphin Watching, Manjuyod White Sand Bar and Bird Sanctuary & Mangrove Park

Day 3: Apo Island




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