Australia: Cafe Su:m for less than $20

Just recently, I kicked off my life long dream of traveling the whole world and had my passport’s first stamp at Sydney, Australia.

I stayed there for ten days and the entire duration of my stay was a complete struggle, well at least for finding food. As an asian who is a big rice eater and as someone who has a known allergy to a specific food, I find it hard to find a restaurant or store to purchase something that can satisfy my taste buds.

The first day was such a pain in the ass, I had to go through every restaurant in the Market City and Chinatown just to find me a decent meal with rice and no chicken. I was thankful enough that I got used to eating pasta and diet meals back home. So, I stumbled upon this shop named Cafe Su:m in Chinatown.

2108At first, I thought they just served pastries and I was almost about to give in to the temptation of the cakes and macaroons. Good thing, the attendant told me that they also have pasta which will only cost me $15.

I took his offer and ordered cream pasta with tomato and a diet coke for less than $5. The service was quick and the pasta came in just less than 10 minutes.

2107My taste buds were satisfied and my pocket is still full since I got to spend less than $20 for a single meal.

Location: 3/207 Thomas St., Haymarket, NSW






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