Roadside Seafood Haus: Congratulations on the successful Grand Opening!

I just came home from the grand opening of Roadside Seafood Haus and I swear my stomach is so full because of their very delicious shrimps, and here’s the catch; it’s unlimited. I know everyone loves unlimited stuff these days and so do I.


Top: Chili Garlic and Coconut Curry Bottom: Garlic Butter and Moroccan

Their unlimited shrimps comes in four different flavors (Moroccan, Chili Garlic, Garlic Butter and Coconut Curry) and since there were four of us, we ordered all the available flavors to see which one’s best. The four of us agreed that Chili Garlic is much more mouth-satisfying than the other three, but then again, we ordered four flaves so the taste can get mixed up. You need not to worry, all the four flavors are very delicious to the point that you’ll have the urge to lick your fingers. I know that because we did it too and it’s like they gave “finger lickin’ good” a whole new meaning and I even lost count on how many refills we’ve had. Waiting in line was definitely worth it, no matter how long it was.


They have a small space that has 5-10 tables which can cater up to 42 people, however, according to one of the crew that I have talked to, they are planning to expand and they are just waiting for the contract of the nearby boarding house to expire. I hope they really do expand so that they can cater a lot of people and lessen the long line of people waiting. Although, there’s fun in waiting.

plaxwJust a little warning, it can get a little hot inside and I think it might be because of the small space they have, but who else does not enjoy eating while sweating, it’s an additional fun especially when you order Chili Garlic flavored shrimps.



The very friendly and accommodating waiter.

As a newly opened restaurant, it’s important to consider how the staff interacts with their customers and I’m happy to say that we’ve been served well. Their staff is very accommodating and attentive to the needs of the customers.


Like I’ve mentioned, their food is great and just a side note, it is also served hot, like it just came out of the pot.


Aftermath! Can you guess how many refills we’ve got?

If you are allergic to shrimps, don’t worry, they also have lots of seafood varieties to choose from and they also have Pork Belly for meat lovers.

Price Range

I know everyone’s going to rejoice on this.


Our bill. Doesn’t even reached 1k and you have to divide it by 4 coz there were four of us.

You can dine at Roadside Seafood Haus without feeling guilty or getting worried of spending off your money because their food price starts from Php 80 to Php 350. Affordable isn’t it?


So far, their best hit is the Unlimited Shrimps with Rice which we’ve got for only Php 199 (Grand Opening price only).


Chili Garlic


What are you waiting for? Visit Roadside Seafood Haus now or forever regret not going.


They did not even hesitate to come despite the long line.

They are located along Cardinal Rosales Ave. in between Cebuana Lhuiller and MLhuiller and they’re open from 8AM to 10PM.




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