Feature Friday: Kawaii Japanese Café

As all of you might probably noticed, I haven’t been posting for a while now so, I’m back with a new tweak on my blog. I recently just came up about it, actually while writing this and thinking of a good title for this article.

So to speak, I was thinking of doing an article every Friday and I will be calling it “Feature Friday.” Although I have my reservations about this for a very fair reason, but, I will try to fully commit on writing articles this time. They say it’s new year, so I might as well go with the saying, “New Year, new me!”

To begin with, here’s my first article for Feature Friday.

A friend and I just recently visited this Japanese café across University of San Carlos – Main and I know this probably might not be new to you because their opening was on August of last year so, this might be a no bueno but I don’t care, it’s freakin’ new to us and we had a pretty good experience.


Well, aside from the quench-satisfying (if that’s even a word) smoothies we’ve ordered. We liked that they also have this Yukatas, a Japanese traditional dress, that we can play around with while hanging out which was also the very reason we came here in the first place. And I was able to cross off an item on my bucketlist because of this.


I mean, can you believe it? If the people before who had “wearing traditional dresses of different countries” on their bucketlist had to spend like a thousand dollars just to cross that off their list, and now, here I am. I have spent less than Php 200 and that’s not even half of their expenses. How great is that?

That is also the reason why I’m always giddy when I find out there’s a new café opening somewhere in the city ‘coz you never know what they’re gonna showcase next, right?
Okay, I already had too much talk with the Yukatas and the bucketlist so, let’s move on.

Oh, they also have a variety of animé costumes you can dazzle around with and they also sell animé inspired keychains for a very cheap price.

p_20170127_221115Basically, this café is more of a cosplayers lounge and the framed animé photos can prove it.



Overall, Kawaii Café is a nice place to play catch up with your friends. Also, students can consider this an alternative hangout place instead of spending more than Php 200 on bars drinking and getting wasted.

Plus, they have a free WiFi and I know millenials are such a sucker for WiFi. I mean, who doesn’t live in the internet these days?

p_20170127_221338And who the hell doesn’t pine on Pikachu when they see him?


Did you know that kawaii in Japanese means cute? Well, now you know.


As I come of age, I begin to realize I’m more of a café person than a bar person so, if you guys want me to check out a place for you, feel free to suggest it to me and drop me a message.



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