About the Blogger

271Junee Aguelo is an occasional traveller, aspiring writer and a book lover. She shares her travel experiences on her travel blog. When not travelling and writing a book, she likes to hang out either with her two best friends or with her cousins. They often go bar hopping or watch the latest movies and their favourite TV series.

She does not travel alone because of her asthma and its dramas. She usually travel with her friends and boyfriend, but, most of the time, she travels with her cousins.

About this Blog

I have been blogging since 2011 at the then famous blogging site called “Tumblr”. Most of my blog entries then were about my personal experiences, with topics ranging from break ups, my favourite songs, books and movie reviews and even almost every day life. It was when my favourite professor read one of my articles about partying and told me that I should start a “Travel Blog”.

The following year, 2012, I started writing Cebu Travel Junkie which then was under another name. It took me a lot of time to decide on which blog name will I stick to and this site had undergone a lot of revisions more than anyone can ever imagine.

“Cebu Travel Junkie” was born out of my cravings for adventure and wanderlust, itchy feet and various family and friends to travel with, backed with a country that never ran out of beautiful places to visit. I set out to see the outskirts of my native land – Cebu – before I embark on a journey to other destinations may it be in the Philippines or another country.

Travelling always gives me something to look forward to especially during the summer or even long weekends. I’m glad I’ve found a passion that I really like and I’m also hoping that somehow I can inspire some of the readers of this blog to go out of their comfort zone and join the one of a kind roller coaster ride on adventure and travelling.


Email: juneerphy@gmail.com



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